Monsoon Rain

It is raining yet again tonight. Lately it feels like I live in the monsoon scene of Forrest Gump. Rain every day. Sideways rain. Big fat rain. Little skinny rain…So much rain that streets flood with every new storm and each day brings a new storm.

Tonight’s storm is a thunderstorm. The dogs are barking because…well, I don’t know why really. Dogs just bark and thunder. Maybe the noise bothers their ears. My cat dashed into my bedroom to hide under the bed. Since the cat isn’t allowed in the bedroom, I sprayed her with water to hasten her exit. It took 3 sprays. Normally I can just shake the bottle and she leaves because deep down she knows she can’t stay in the bedroom.

The monsoon is keeping me awake. Every 10 minutes I look at the clock and subtract another 10 min from my total sleep hours. 6hrs. 5hrs 50min. 5hrs 40 min. 5.5hrs…

Must I work tomorrow? Sadly, yes.

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