Plaid Purse and Tie Dye Shirt

There are very few places to eat near my office so I occasionally eat at a local fast food and ice cream joint. Normally I take lunch after traditional lunch hour, however due to meeting schedules, I decided to lunch an hour early.

My usual seat in the back of the restaurant was taken as the restaurant was more crowded than usual. I sat in a corner near the front.

Shortly after I was seated a woman came in with her teenage daughter. She was maybe 14. The woman seemed older than one might expect. She was a large woman with greasy, thinning, grey hair, conspicuous facial hair, tremendous jowls, a pink green and yellow tie dye shirt, a red and black plaid handbag, and wrinkled, baggy, coolot style shorts.

I tried not to stare or listen as the woman shouted insults at her daughter. “Last time we were here you acted like a brat! No, you can’t get a meal. God, you’re so selfish!”. The barge continued. The girl stared at the floor, embraced by her mother’s behavior.

I looked up from uncomfortably nibbling at my lunch to find the loud woman staring at me. I glared back disapprovingly shooting daggers from my eyes and making no secret of the fact I was annoyed. The woman was quiet. I wish someone had glared at my mother as she blasted me in public while I stared at the floor.

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