The Daily Headache

Unfortunately, this is not a figurative daily headache…they type of headache where I expound on some irritating circumstance or hassle. I have literally gotten a headache each and every day I work for the past 4 weeks or more.

Is it the lights? Is it dust? Is it the secretary who showers in perfume each day? Maybe it’s the cleaning chemicals???

No idea. One thing I am sure of, however is that the daily headache is effecting my personal life. Every day, I come home feeling nauseated and exhausted from dealing with an hours long headache. I lie down or take a nap because I feel too rotten to do much else. I feel better afterwards, but by that time it’s time to head to bed for the night. Naturally, I spend the next few hours trying to fall asleep since I’m finally feeling better and spent half the evening supine or in slumber.

This has got to stop. I must figure out what’s causing my daily misery. Getting a daily headache, and these headaches become quite severe, is truly interfering with the rest of my life.

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