The Reclaimation

After years of waiting, I FINALLY received my 2010 tax refund check. When my ex-husband left, he took all the the financial papers with him and refused to give me copies so I had to sue him for the papers I needed to file my tax return. The papers made it to the accountant in early January of this year. It’s taken months and months to receive the refund which is to be expected given that I was years late filing the return.

When I filed, I made plans to spend the refund re-building the photography business that my ex-husband stole from me.  He literally stole most of my photography equipment. A few months after his departure I had to sell what supplies I had left to keep the house from going into foreclosure.  Since I had to sue him to receive that money, I was going to use that money to rebuild a defining part of my life.

I’ve ordered an upgraded camera, a new professional grade lens, and some accessories for each. I’m not sure if I should upgrade my laptop and switch to a mac at the price of $1,600 or stick with the 4yr old Windows laptop I have. I’m not certain that what I have can keep up with the massive image files captured by the new camera body.

So many decisions to mull over in my mind…

And so much excitement at reclaiming my life and creativity.

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