The Pimento Cheese Sandwich of Doom/ Why I Don’t Like My Job

My unintentional pain-induced fast went fairly well. I managed to eat a small part of a pimento cheese sandwich made with soft white bread and also some vegetable soup for dinner. Sadly, I got an excruciating headache afterwards because of the pain radiating from my jaw. This really sucks and the miserable jaw pain and swelling don’t seem to be healing any time soon.

A while ago, I mentioned that I don’t like my job. Here is an example of why my job has become monotonous and slightly miserable:

Some error messages appeared on a server. Let’s call this server Server1 for simplicity sake. The error messages were caused by communication with Server2 but, although the errors were fatal, the error code was so vague that I couldn’t get any more information than that.

I logged a ticket with the Server2 support people. The Server2 support people called ManagerGuy and ManagerGuy asked me if I’d looked in the error management utility for the time during which the errors occurred. I had done so, but I hadn’t taken a screenshot of the error management utility. Instead I paraphrased my findings. ManagerGuy asks me to go back into the utility and take a screen shot so I do, even tho I’ve already paraphrased the findings.

The Server2 support people call ManagerGuy again. ManagerGuy tells me to look in this weird log utility that I’ve only ever seen once while looking over her shoulder. ManagerGuy doesn’t have time to show me how to use the weird log utility a second time so I spend the better part of 2hrs poking around until I find the weird log utility. I run the weird log utility. The weird log utility doesn’t tell me anything new…just that there was an error between Server1 and Server2 which I already established before wasting time screen shots and utilities.

Even tho the error is a fatal error (which is important and severe as far as errors go) the Server1 support people have not so much as looked at the problem.

Talking to people about this error and looking up pointless things took up 4hrs of my work day today. I wasted 4hrs of my life on this. That’s 4hrs I’ll never get back…This is the reason I don’t like my job.

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