I don’t like my job: Working with Gertrude

My MacBook Pro arrived this morning. Sadly I haven’t been able to so much as open the box because I had to rush out the door to work.

One of my coworkers is a short, rotund, manipulative, diabetic woman named Gertrude. She’s late to work everyday and leaves 2hrs before the end of her shift most days. While this bothers the others on the team, I couldn’t care less. I’m always assigned to work on projects with Gertrude so my concerns are different.

Gertrude has only 2 smells: the pungent smell of body odor and the sickening smell of too much perfume. I am not the only person who has noticed her “unique” scents. I have often wondered why she chooses to shower only once a week and how she came to the conclusion that hosing herself down with perfume was an acceptable alternative. Gertrude’s stench is her most bothersome quality since her odor gives me a miserable headache.

Her second most bothersome quality is that she is an inconsiderate gossip. In spite of Gertrude’s diabetes, she is constantly consuming candy. I eat 1 or 2 prices a day. My favorite are the bite size Heath bars. Apparently the bite size Heath bars are Gertrude’s favorite as well. Earlier today I witnessed her picking my favorite candy out of the jar one by one and putting them in her pockets for later consumption. No more tiny Heath bars for me…inconsiderate.

Gossip is another of her inconsiderate traits. She found out a gentleman I was dating was African American and told all of my coworkers. It wasn’t that he was African American it’s that I keep my private life out of work, but she deemed it appropriate to share my dating life with people I barely know. Earlier today she accused me of turning off the light in her office. When I told her I had done no such thing, she complained to the manager that I had turned the light off. She wasn’t in her office, but on one of her everlasting breaks so she’s just making silly accusations. No, I didn’t turn it off…and, really, who cares? She could just turn it back on.

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