The Saga of CJ: Interfering with my life

The phone rang and I jumped out of bed.

“Hello?…Hold on just a second.”

I crept downstairs hoping the loud classic phone ring tone didn’t wake him. He’s a deep sleeper. After the phone call I came back to bed.

“What was that?”, he asked.

“Nothing important.”

“It must have been important. You got out of bed.”

“Eh. Not really. I thought it was work because of the number.”

“Who was it?”

Do I tell him? Do I lie? I decided to tell him.

“It was CJ. He attempted suicide again and is in the hospital. He was calling to ask for some numbers he doesn’t have.”

“CJ!?!?! Again? Only CJ would tell everyone else to fuck off then involve you in his bullshit. I warned you about this. It’s always like this with CJ. One second he wants to live and life is great and the next he’s trying to kill himself. I wish you would stop involving yourself in his bullshit.”

“I’ve hardly talked to him for weeks…Since I asked him to leave, actually.”

“Well you keep feeling bad about it. Always feeling sorry for him and sorry you couldn’t help him.”

“I don’t feel bad about asking him to leave. He had a couple chances and I clearly explained the conditions for him staying with me. He completely ignored the rules so he can’t stay here and he knows why. I don’t feel bad about that at all.”

“Well you did! I wish you would stop getting involved in his bullshit. Nothing good ever comes from being around CJ. Every person who’s gotten him a job…he’s quit. The whole universe has tried to help him but he just doesn’t care. I tried to convince you he was a lost cause but you wouldn’t listen.”

I quietly wrapped my arm around him and snuggled against his back. His butt is so round and firm and amazing. I was hoping that snuggling against him would help him calm down and it did but not before another ten minutes of lecture. I was finally able to change the subject to cats and our plans for the day.

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