It would be nice to have someone

My house is feeling lonely tonight.  It’s just me and the dogs and the chores. A huge and daunting list of chores. I wish I could afford a house cleaner to help out once a week. I would get more done.  I could paint the furniture that needs painting and finish the cabinets that have been standing partially completed in my dining room for months and work on my photography portfolio. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to hire a house cleaner, not even once a month.

If I hadn’t sued my ex-husband to get my 2010 tax refund, I wouldn’t have  a new camera or a Macbook pro.  I’m grateful for both.  I suppose it would just be nice to have some help. Someone to help with the house and the chores. Someone to talk to at night.

It would be nice to have someone at all. But, if I were meant to have someone, I would.


One thought on “It would be nice to have someone

  1. Good for you in suing him, some men are despicable, if I ever got divorced I would be wonderful to my wife, once you truly love and respect someone, you always do 🙂

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