Veggie (Trading) Tales

Since I’m mostly couch bound until the worst of the back pain subsides, I have some unexpected free time to work on some of IT projects. I have a blog, a tumblr, and am trying to launch a side business. Of course, it would be more convenient if my back were not hurting because I could physically work on any number of things like paint the cabinets so I can move things back into the kitchen from my living room…anyway.

Before the back pain, I traded some windows I salvaged from an old house for some garden veggies and cookware.  Today, in spite of the back pain, I had to carry the windows up from the basement along with armloads of other trade items.  There was no one around I could ask for help. Besides, my basement is one of those old house basements that looks like a tomb and smells moldy because of the dirt floor.

Even though it was painful to carry the windows up, I’m glad I did. The woman I traded with gave me a ton of delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans, and handfuls of peppers. I won’t have to buy groceries for a week! AND!!!! I’ll have vegetables left over to give my neighbor as payment for mowing my lawn! (The guy has an abnormal affinity for mowing lawns.)  This is awesome!  🙂

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