Dr. PainInTheAss

Slowly my back is starting to hurt less. Rheumatology appointment Thursday. That should be a relief, but it’s not. There are very few rheumatologists in my area and mine is a 70-something year old pain in the ass. He diagnosed me with fibromyalgia because I’m female with a history of child abuse who with chronic pain. No other tests. No other therapies. On Thursday, I will try to convince him that I’m experiencing debilitating back pain. Pain from a disk problem or pinched nerve…not “fibromyalgia”.

I bet he’ll increase my antidepressant in spite of the fact I have no new symptoms of depression. In fact, the only time I really feel depressed is during an episode of intense unrelenting pain. I suppose that’s normal; to feel depressed after days and weeks of severe unending pain…

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