Absolutely Fed Up

CJ was supposed to help me move furniture this evening. He didn’t. Now the lady selling the furniture is going to sell it to someone else even though I’ve already paid her.

At least I fixed the error I was having with Adobe Camera Raw.  That’s the only thing that’s worked well this week.

I’m behind at work again. Whenever I start to catch up, more work is dumbed on.

You know what, I’m sick of this shit. I’m absolutely fed up. I’m sick of feeling sick and achy all the time; behind on everything; alone all the time. I need to do something about this…something about all of it.

3 thoughts on “Absolutely Fed Up

  1. I think the people at your job dump things on you because they expect that you are going to do them regardless of how you are feeling emotionally or physically.
    I hope you are able to still get the furniture or your money back. If I lived where you live, I would at least be there to support you even if I could do nothing to take the physical pain away.

    1. The people at my job typically don’t know that I’m feeling emotional of physical pain. This is the only place I complain about these sorts of things purposely. I was nearly fired from a job because some of my coworkers decided I couldn’t do the job after finding out I have an autoimmune disease. Every mistake I made was attributed to my disease, even mistakes that I wasn’t the first (or second or third) to make.

      The lady with the furniture turned out to be a raging hose beast, but that’s a blog post for another day. Oh well, I will move on to other projects.

      You are one of the most compassionate people I’ve talked to, btw. There are very few people who can know you’re in miserable levels of pain and still want to listen to you.

      1. I think that’s even worse than thinking you are just going to do it because then you have to work twice as hard to prove you can do it.

        I try to listen to people b/c I understand on some level. I do not understand the physical pain, but I do understand knowing that 95% of people don’t understand your emotional pain.

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