Absolutely Fed Up: The Plan

Click click!…Click click!

With that I ordered two workout DVDs: yoga for pain and back care basics.

Even with insurance, physical therapy costs $400/mo. While I’m not poor, $400/mo definitely exceeds my funds. I know very few people who could afford an extra $400/mo…even some fairly well off people.

Doing yoga designed for fibromyalgia and back pain relief is the closest option.  I checked reviews from others who have purchased the DVD and the vast majority were positive. I go to a chiropractor which helps tremendously but not so much that I can resume normal activity. Perhaps my muscles have become very weak after 2 years of nearly constant severe pain, especially severe back pain.

Next, I’m going to research a gluten free diet. A friend of mine with lupus found a gluten free diet decreased her pain significantly and she has flares much less frequently. I’m also going to research a whole foods vegan diet. Another friend with MS had very good results on a whole foods vegan diet. She very rarely has migraines any more and reduced her pain medication to the minimal dose.

Will changing my diet work? Maybe, maybe not. If diet change doesn’t work I’ve spent a few months eating lots of nutritious whole foods and foregoing wheat. Compare the inconvenience of wheat-free or vegan to taking a new medication which has side effects like lymphoma, liver cancer, or kidney disease and you can see just how small the sacrifice is.

I’m also considering a gym membership to a local place that only costs $10/mo. When the weather is miserably hot or miserably cold, I can go walk on a treadmill or lift light weights. 

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Fed Up: The Plan

  1. It sounds like a good plan to me. So many of the autoimmune diseases are made worse by food allergies and it is hard to know what you are allergic to without being tested because the symptoms are so none-specific; to top it off, people with allergies (or hyperactive immune systems as my immunology professor called it) tend to develop more allergies as time goes on (b/c our bodies don’t understand why this thing that’s going to kill us won’t go away). There is evidence to support a link between food allergies and autoimmune disease. I would ask to get tested so you at least know which foods to start with.

    1. I want to get tested for food allergies, however my insurance won’t cover the testing. When I was tested for common food allergens about 10yrs ago, I wasn’t allergic to anything based on the tests. However, I realized I felt much better when I stopped eating eggs a few years ago. Even if I don’t have allergies, maybe I have intolerances.

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