What I Really Do In a Day

I do a great deal more than sit around in pain complaining.

5AM: The alarm goes off. I decide to sleep for 2 more hours. After tossing and turning from hip pain and serious heartburn, I fell asleep just 3hrs earlier.

7AM: Get up, let the dogs out, set out food and water for the dogs and cats, take meds, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, fix hair, do makeup. Realize the underwire has come out of my bra. I need to order more bras. I wear custom size that isn’t sold at stores in my area. Sigh…

I attempt to crate the dogs, but the larger one keeps digging the rug under the crate. Back outside with the big dog. He’ll have to stay in the back yard.

8:30AM: Work!

9AM: Ever lasting conference call. While I’m listening, I get a text from my friend. Her father is dying. She’d like me to take a family portrait while her family is visiting. I text the lawn guy to reschedule (since the escape artist dog is outside), I text the man who was planning to pick up the box spring tonight to reschedule, refill my prescriptions online, check in with my friend Kay who was feeling sick yesterday, reply to my best friend’s text. I text Jonathan as I do every morning about this time.

I use a USB cable and desk ruler to measure my calf to ensure the boots I’m about to order will fit. I place an online order before the 40% off sale ends in 3hrs.

11AM: Another conference call followed by trying to catch up on work.

1PM: Lunch. Haha. I wish. I run to the store to pick up feminine products, then to the post office, then to the sandwich shop. The lady in the sandwich shop tells me she likes my hair and that I look tired.

1:30PM: Back to work. I eat as I work.

2:30PM: I leave to go to the chiropractor with the promise that I will find time to work 2.5hrs tonight.

3PM-4:30PM: At the chiropractor I get adjusted, do physical therapy exercises, and get electric stim. I leave feeling beat up and nauseated, but feel better a day after.

5PM: I pick up prescriptions and a milk shake. Milk shakes are one of the few things that don’t worsen gastritis.

6PM: Home. I lie down for 20minutes because I’m completely exhausted.

7:30PM: I wake up an hour and a half later. I’ve slept through the alarm. I’m late to the portrait session which cancels.

No time to waste!

Laundry, add the lawn care guy to the security system so he can come in the house to avoid escaping dogs, then dishes. Hang the sweaters up to dry and put the rest of the laundry in the dryer. Find a huge hole in the sheets I washed last night. Sigh…I need to buy more sheets. The hole is too big to patch.

I set up a food shoot for a recipe I’ve written. Lighting, styling, etc. Wash dishes again. Dinner. Evening meds.

Feed the dogs and cats, water the plants, clean up the kitchen.

Edit an engagement shoot.  Reschedule the portrait shoot for tomorrow. Put all the batteries on charge. Tomorrow evening I also need to go to Jonathan’s after work…Sigh…time.

10PM: I still haven’t worked 2.5hrs this evening. Sigh…

Write this post, set out tools for the lawn care guy, scoop cat litter, shower, put the dogs to bed, get in bed myself…hopefully sometime before midnight…

Most of my days are similar to today. One thing after another after another…

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