Not again

Jonathan and I looked at a house together.  1,700sq ft. 5 acres of land in the country.  It’s a nice house.

I’m not going to buy a house with so much land without being married first. That’s just too much property for me to take care of on my own. Plus, living so far away from a town by myself would be lonely. Living in my current home is often lonely and I live in the city.

Will we get married? I’m not sure. Jonathan is still traumatized by his bitter miserable marriage. I’m still paying off the debt that my exhusband left behind in his wake. In my defense, he left $40K of debt in his wake and 3.5yrs later, I only have $6K left.

I miss the companionship of married life. The snuggling and the company. Making dinners together. Going shopping together.  Knowing that you’ve “arrived”. Knowing that you get to come home to the one you love instead of going on a date with someone you barely know.  I’d like to be married again.

The problem is I don’t want to get divorced again…

One thought on “Not again

  1. This is one of the reasons I am afraid to get divorced. It is the whole new relationships thing. 5 acres of land is a lot of land to care for. It is a lot to care for even if you have someone to help, but it would still be a wonderful to grow old with someone.

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