Overwhelming Life

I survived my 21 day long “work week”. My two “days off” were filled with everything. 5AM wakeup on Saturday followed by cooking and cleaning. Then driving an hour to Jonathan’s grandmother’s house. Thanksgiving with his family followed by child care followed by an hour long drive home. Sunday was cleaning, laundry, shopping….wait, shopping? No, I didn’t get to have fun. I ran out of cat food, dog food, cat litter, and pill pockets for on of the cats. I HAD to go shopping. Did I mention I had no groceries in the house? Yeah. Nothing. Grocery shopping too. Followed by a 1hr reprieve where I watched part of a rerun of some show that Jonathan wanted to watch. Then back to chores. What unrestful “days off”.

Monday at work was uneventful and I was grateful. Today, however, was another story. If something could break it did. I spent most of the day troubleshooting issues then got whined at by management for not researching an issue that was not very important. Then I was assigned a huge project. In order to complete said huge project, I need to work around the clock every day between now and Christmas. Gee thanks, crappy job.

I’m striving to get my dream job started, but sometimes it feels defeating. Knowing there are so many others out there doing what I love. Knowing I have so much to learn…and so many supplies I still need to buy.

I just want a break from this overwhelming life. The only thing that’s going really well right now is that most of my Christmas shopping is already done.

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