Incompatible with Life

5A: Wake up.

7A: Arrive at work. Work until lunch.

12:30P: Leave for lunch, stop by the house (only 5min away). Let dogs out, microwave lunch, throw a load of laundry in the washer, eat, let the dogs in, head by the post office on the way back to work.

1:30P: Back at work. Work until 6P.

6P: Leave work, pick up dog crate. Go home, let dogs out, feed dogs, feed cats, microwave dinner, eat dinner, put laundry in the dryer, let dogs in.

7:30P: Work until 9-10PM

11P: Bedtime.

How am I supposed to have any type of life with this work schedule??? I’m thankful to have a job, but this is unsustainable and I don’t know of a way to stop working these hours and remain employed. Clearly my job is designed for 40+yr old, married men with stay at home wives and no interests outside of work.