The Rabid Skunk

There is a skunk that trolls my front porch occasionally. It’s unusual for skunks to be so comfortable around people so I suspect it may be rabid. My neighbors and I have called animal services, but no one has been able to trap the skunk.

Lately, the skunk has been showing up more often and tipping over my paper recycling. How odd. Normally a skunk would be attracted to trash, pet food, or some other type of food stuff. But news papers???

The most annoying thing about the skunk is that his presence upsets the dogs. They start leaping and hopping and hurling themselves at the door. Usually the skunk just waddles off but I’m seriously concerned the dogs are going to spook the skunk one night and it’s going to spray the porch.

How on earth would I ever remove the scent of skunk spray from the porch? I get to work more than 60hrs a week then come home to deal with this? Greeeeeaaaat.