I hate tennis shoes: exhibit a

I’m waiting at the car dealership. In spite of making an appointment I have to wait 30+ minutes because they’re running behind. Apparently a bunch of idiots decided it was imperative to get their oil changed before the forecasted snow storm. Think about that for a minute…an oil change will help you drive in a snowstorm how, exactly??!

So, here I am sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of 45+yr old soccer moms who clearly have plenty of money judging by jewelry, nails, hair, and lulu lemon yoga pants.

As I was saying about how I hate the way tennis shoes make your feet look neon clad marshmallows and would prefer not to be associated with the women who typically wear tennis shoes to run errands:


I hate tennis shoes

I hate tennis shoes. I don’t like the way they make my feet look like giant, puffy, marshmallows. I don’t like the ridiculous multi-colored neon combination, but most of all I don’t like that tennis shoes almost always include white.

My rheumatologist and chiropractor both recommend that I wear tennis shoes because my legs are slightly crooked and because I have rheumatoid arthritis. Obviously I’ve been avoiding this recommendation because I find tennis shoes so hopelessly style-less. However, because 2 medical professionals agreed on something, I’ve tried to look for acceptable tennis shoes.

After almost a year, I looked for solid back tennis shoes and last week, I finally found a pair. Yesss! I can finally wear tennis shoes without having embarrassing marshmallow feet.