I hate tennis shoes: exhibit a

I’m waiting at the car dealership. In spite of making an appointment I have to wait 30+ minutes because they’re running behind. Apparently a bunch of idiots decided it was imperative to get their oil changed before the forecasted snow storm. Think about that for a minute…an oil change will help you drive in a snowstorm how, exactly??!

So, here I am sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of 45+yr old soccer moms who clearly have plenty of money judging by jewelry, nails, hair, and lulu lemon yoga pants.

As I was saying about how I hate the way tennis shoes make your feet look neon clad marshmallows and would prefer not to be associated with the women who typically wear tennis shoes to run errands:


3 thoughts on “I hate tennis shoes: exhibit a

  1. Those are hideous for every day use. For working out I like them. You don’t need to buy tennis shoes. You should look for support shoes. They were my favorites when I worked in a lab and spent a lot of time on my feet. A good pair will be very expensive. By a good pair, I mean the kind that are actually meant to provide the support of a tennis shoe while not looking like a pair. With these shoes, as long as they aren’t heels, you can actually work out in them.

    This blog provides ideas that provide support and comfort in most everyday situations. Don’t reduce yourself to tennis shoes. You have too many options.

    1. Working out is one thing. Wearing hideous neon monstrosities while out and about is another thing entirely.

      The solid black tennis shoes I found don’t have that awful marshmallow look. They’re sold out, but are this style in solid black:

      My job has an odd dress code where we wear jeans, “casual shoes”, and “acceptable shirt combinations” in an office where the temperature averages a freezing-ass-cold 64 degrees. Full foot coverage was also a requirement for me since 64 freezes your feet off when you’re sitting at a desk all day.

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