An UnWanted Day to Myself

So here we are in the middle of the “snow storm”. So far, there hasn’t been much snow. Jonathan had to pick up the kids and go home early although we were supposed to spend the day together in case the weather got worse.

Because of his divorce contract, we’re not permitted to spend the night together when the kids are present unless we’re married and not a moment before. ┬áIt’s a bit ridiculous considering that the kids spend more time around me than they do around their mother. She chooses to see them only one day a week. The law is the law. Jonathan drives back to his house before the roads get bad or his kids will be taken from him.

This means I have the entire day to myself. I don’t especially want a day to myself. I’d really like to spend time with my friends who I’ve scarcely seen because I’ve been working so much. Sadly there is just enough snow on the roads to be dangerous. Now I’m catching up on chores in my very cold early 20th century bungalow and finding any reason I can not to write a program for work. It’s likely I’ll need to work 12hrs every day this week in addition to being backup support during off hours. As much as I don’t want to spend the day shivering at home alone doing chores, I most certainly don’t want to send the day working when I have far too much of that in store this coming week.