The phone conversation of everlasting regret

I had the worst conversation with my dad this evening. My dad wants me to go to Dan’s Christmas morning.

I’ve already told Jonathan and his kids I will be at their house Christmas morning. So then my dad begged me to go to Dan’s in the afternoon.

Finally, after exhausting every polite excuse available, I explained why I was being evasive to my dad. My mother is expected to be at Dan’s. Jonathan hates my mother.

Once, when Jonathan and I were middle school age, we were talking on the phone. My mother became enraged because I had used the phone longer than 10min. She ran into the bedroom I shared with my sister, grabbed me by the hair, and whipped me with a metal coat hanger. I dropped the cordless phone when I raised my hands to defend myself and Jonathan heard me scream for my mother to stop whipping me over and over and over…

So, I told my dad the truth. He began to cry. He regrets my childhood. He regrets everything. We had a conversation of everlasting regret.