Scammy McScamerton: The User

A friend of mine is getting married. Not a very close friend, but more than an acquaintance. She asked me what I would charge to photograph her wedding and I told her if work for whatever she would pay me. I know she’s not in the best financial spot right now for reasons beyond her control. In spite of my offer, she hired someone else who has less experience and charges more. I’m feeling really annoyed with her at the moment because I believe she was just trying to scam me into shooting her wedding for free now that she’s hired someone more expensive.

She and her brother are in a Facebook security group where I post more personal things. Nothin too serious, but an occasional health update, a struggle at work, etc. Since it seems she was trying to use our friendship for free photography, I’m thinking maybe I should close that group and just post those sorts of here where no one really knows me and, therefore, cannot use me. As odd as this may sound, her actions make me feel suspicious of more people than just her. Her actions make me wonder how many people are “listening” so they can ask for money and/or free work. I have a small inner circle I don’t have to worry about, but this has caused me to wonder who I really can and cannot trust.

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