The Whirlwind Weekend

Jonathan and I spent Saturday looking at houses. New houses. Old houses. Country houses. So far, our favorite house has been a newer doublewide on 5 acres of land. I’ve never considered living in a doublewide before. This one, however, is quite nice.

Someone added a front room which will be my photography studio room. There’s a building in the back for Jonathan’s workshop. 1 of the 5 acres is cleared and landscaped with fruit trees, butterfly bushes, and a host of other beautiful plants.

The carpet is a terrible dark green and the walls need to be painted. Apparently the people who owned the home chose to decorate in a style I’ve nicknamed “early-90’s country bumpkin”. All these things can be fixed. The terrible carpet can be replaced with laminate. The terrible printed walls can be painted over. The counters can be replaced. Sure, it’s a lot of work. Jonathan is a carpenter. I’m a home repair novice myself since my house is a 1920’s bungalow.

Jonathan and I spent today working on said bungalow so we…well, so I…can put it on the market. After touring houses, I realize how little needs to happen for my house to look better than most others on the market.

What a whirlwind weekend…

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