Early ’90s Country Bumpkin

The double wide, decorated in early ’90s country bumpkin, on acres of land near a house far has been sold. At first Jonathan was crushed that his dream house…erm, trailer…sold. I on the other hand was not crushed. I am purchasing the property and know that double wides have low resale value and are difficult to finance.

At my encouragement, Jonathan has started looking at other properties. One which I especially like has an exterior similar to the exterior of a house in the city which we’ll call DreamHouse. The original DreamHouse is practically a mansion with a vineyard on the property and a nearly million dollar price tag. DreamHouseLite has similar features, but is much smaller and sans vineyard. Medium colors brick, a deep red door, and iron work columns painted a shade of cream. DreamHouseLite has all tile floors, 2 acres, almost 4,000 sq ft total, and gorgeous kitchen with windows looking into the peaceful yard.

DreamHouseLite is a 45minute drive from work, but it’s not a difficult drive. Plenty of country, fields, and farms to admire as I drive past in the early morning hours.

Alas, there is so much to do before I can put my house in the city up for sale…