How I wish I could play in the snow

Two feet of snow and I still don’t get a day off. I could have taken a personal day, but that reflects negatively on my personnel record.

Since the snow is higher than the undercarriage of my car, I’m working from home. How can one possibly drive through unplowed streets with snow higher than the bottom of a car?

Since I’ve been working from home today, I’ve had some time between appointments to do a few chores at home. I haven’t had time to shovel snow of my sidewalk and car. When will I have time to shovel out my car to make it to the office tomorrow?

For reasons unknown, I’ve been having terrible stomach cramps for hours. This isn’t filling me with motivation to work hard. I feel more like lying in bed. Today isn’t the best of days. I’d much rather have the day off and feel well enough to play in the snow.

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