“Restructuring”…How vague

TheCompany announced they are restructuring my department. “Restructuring”…How vague. Restructuring could mean anything. Different titles, different departments, different rate of pay, layoffs, outsourcing… Why did TheCompany bother with such a vague announcement? They haven’t clearly answered a single question. We all know that corporations are about riches and power and treat people as cogs in the machine; expendable resources. It’s not like TheCompany is going to tell myself, or anyone else, what they’re really up to.

I’d much rather work for myself, but I’ve been struggling to make time for my business as of late due to the corporate job. Perhaps “restructuring” will serve as motivation to make the time now that I should be through with the 80-100hr work weeks.

Speaking of the corporate day job, I’m not sure how I’m going to get there tomorrow. We’ve already received 12″ of snow with more expected tonight. Due to arthritis and fibromyalgia, I’m having a painful muscle spasm in my lower back. How am I going to dig my car out of a snow bank to drive down several unplowed hills to make it to work tomorrow? It’s not like I have people who I can call up and ask for help. Anyone willing to help lives too far away to help or will also be snowed in tomorrow.

Snow was much more fun when I was younger. Snow meant a day off to sled down hills and thaw beside the wood stove.

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