My parents don’t know I’m getting married

I haven’t told my family I’m marrying Jonathan in April. In fact, I’ve gone to great lengths to keep our pending marriage secret.

At least once a week I have a terrible nightmare that my mother is trying to steal my house. She thew me out when I was 17. I was homeless until I turned 18 and was old enough to sign a lease for an apartment.

The whole family knew about my first marriage. I was proud of the fact someone wanted to keep me around. See? I’m not worthless! Someone wants me! See? When Adam left me for another woman and emptied our joint accounts, I was deeply embarrassed. My father, who I told first, threatened to tell the entire family if I didn’t call them all right away. My mother told me I had made the biggest mistake of my life and later laughed in my face.

Since then, I’ve distanced myself from my toxic family. They don’t determine my worth and I’ll be damned if they have a say in my life choices.