What caused my parents to stop caring for me?

When I was in high school, I often wore my father’s clothes. This wasn’t a fashion statement or trend. I just didn’t have enough clothes to wear and my dad’s clothes were close to my size. I didn’t have enough clothes of my own to last the 5 day school week.

Why did my parents stopped buying clothes for me? My mother always talked about how she never did anything for herself and claimed that her therapist told her to spend money on herself, but she was always going to stores. Thrift stores and discount stores were her favorites and, although I was never allowed in her room, when I peaked in I could see bags of new things piled high around her bed. There were clothes and shoes for my brother and sister, but never clothes and shoes for me.

I remember the last thing she bought me. I was 12 and she bought me a Nike shirt that was too large. Nike shirts were popular then and I desperately wanted to fit in. Instead I wore oversized men’s t-shirts, flannels, khaki slacks, and hoodies all worn to the point of being patched.

What caused my parents to stop caring for me? More importantly, what caused them to stop caring about me.