Are all cops assholes?

Are there cops who are decent human beings? Every police officer I’ve met over the course of my life has been a complete asshole. Is that a prerequisite to becoming a cop?

Even the guys from high school who became law enforcement were the type of asshole guy I’d avoid at all costs. And that was in high school. I can’t imagine how intolerable they are now that they have the power to harass and arrest others.

One thought on “Are all cops assholes?

  1. I see them in Starbucks all of the time. Once there were CHP, Sheriffs, and City police officers having coffee together. It was the safest place in town at that moment. I was hoping someone would try to rob Starbucks and walk in on them. I assume the would die in a hail of bullets and have little left for an autopsy.

    I got my first ticket by trying out run a CHP officer. I was onl 17 and he was not pleased. He gave me a ticket, but knew my mother. He drove back and told her what I did. I had to walk everywhere for a month.

    I got a ticket in Michigan, but asked for a jury trial. The prosecutor offered me a plea bargain and I accepted it. I still wish that I had told my story to a jury.

    I pasted one gal who was getting a ticket once, and she was sobbing. I thought the cop felt terrible, but she had blown a stop light next to a school yard.

    My wife loves cops–actually any man in a uniform. My wife and single daughter are embarrassing the way they walk right up to guys in uniform and talk to them.

    I have not had a bad experience myself. Sorry it worked out the way for you.

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