Facebook And I Are Taking A Break

Facebook and I are taking a break. For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling annoyed with Facebook – the distraction, the constant stream of updates filing to my phone, the fact the app is even on my phone in the first place…

Yesterday, I announced my break (to future clientele) and deleted the app from my phone. Today was my first official day of “freedom” and I realized that it’s not Facebook I found so annoying. I’ve been annoyed by my Facebook “friends” and they way they’re constantly asserting that their opinion is the only valid and correct opinion.

President Obama should be impeached!
President Obama saved the world single handedly!
Atheism is the only true way!
Jesus is the only true way!
Gay people should die!
Gay rights are human rights!
Biblical marriage!
Marriage equality!
Everyone else is less intelligent that I am!
Look at me! Look at me!
I’m better than you because I have children and you don’t!

I’m just sick of scrolling through it all. Most of it isn’t the slightest bit entertaining. Posting troves of political articles from questionable sources hasn’t changed anyone’s opinion. In fact, information that conflicts with one’s beliefs is scientifically shown to strengthen those beliefs even if the belief is irrational or false.

Yesterday I watched a E. pick a fight with M. about diabetes. M. has diabetes and she posted that she’s tired of people insinuating one can give themselves diabetes by eating a specific dessert. Reasonable, right? Well, E. didn’t think so. E. had to copy and paste articles which imply that there could be a possible link between over indulging in sweets and diabetes. The articles didn’t state that E. was correct, or that M. was wrong – just that there may be a link but there isn’t substantial evidence to support the link.  E. proceeded to start a fight with M. over her opinions about diabetes.

Then there are my cousins who constantly post about killing some animal with a shotgun…Real winners they are. <eye roll>

The gun nuts, the gun control nuts…no one is moderate any more. Everyone must beat one another over the head with how right they are and how wrong the other party is for harboring a different belief. What I find most irksome are the people who harbor a belief that is patently false, but continue shouting it from the roof tops like it’s the next great revelation.

There is no definitive link between vaccines and autism. There is no definitive scientific proof that God exists or does not exists. Universal health care is not killing the American populace. America is cool and all, but it is not the greatest country in the world by any independent measure. America certainly does not have the best health care system of any country in the world as is commonly asserted.

Why can’t people look at the evidence and change their opinion based on facts? I’ve done this throughout my life when new evidence has come to light. It worries me that other people refuse to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Facebook And I Are Taking A Break

  1. I was raised in a family business and was waiting on customers as a child.. I soon learned that everyone had an opinion and to them it was fact–not opinion.

    It is hard to have a discussion with people due to their biases. They really do think their opinions are facts.

    I do not know which is the greatest country. All I know is that I was born to parents in this country much like kids in other countries. I am probably better off that most average humans, but I don’t know. That is my feeling. lol

    I do not use any of the popular social medias. My wife hates it so I have to use only a few sites that offer me privacy and have less risk of my being discovered. I stay away from FaceBook and Google–the keep telling me of many people who I should know. I am very old and have heart disease. I once got a pop up add from Match.com saying that here were 4 girls in my home town that wanted to me meet me—sure a sick, old married man is desired by gals young enough to be my grand or possibly great grand daughters. I cannot get rid of those ads.

    Anyway, I feel your frustration.

    1. I do appreciate that being American has certain advantages over many other nations. However, American politics, foreign policy, taxes, and health care could all be handled better in my opinion. If Americans were willing to pay attention to the actions of other similar nations, we could learn a lot to improve our country. People become blind by believing America is the best in all areas.

      I’m grateful I reconnected with my future husband on Facebook. It has it’s uses. But I can understand why your wife dislikes social media.

      And, oh dear Match.com needs to improve their advertising algorithms.

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