Is Therapy the Right Choice for My Child?

L.’s grades are slipping. He’s only in 5th grade but he simply doesn’t care to complete his homework. He’s completely disinterested in school. When we attempt to help him with his homework, he whines then refuses to complete assignments. L. has had several anxiety attacks lately. He cries that is brain won’t let him do things like take a shower. It seems to be a compulsive thought like what an OCD sufferer experiences and L. can’t overcome the thought for quite some time.

Jonathan and I talked about L.’s issues today while we were working on the house. Once Jonathan and I are married and L. is on my insurance, we will take L. to see a counselor. L.’s anxiety completely overwhelms him and we don’t know how to help him cope. Nothing we have tried so far has worked and I’m worried he may need medication. Last night he proclaimed he didn’t want to be alive any more.

We will take him to a counselor I know so he won’t be traumatized like I was. My first counselor/therapist/psyc doctor was completely disinterested in me. He thought I was lying about the abuse at home, however my mother poisoned the well telling him I was a compulsive liar prior to our session. My mother told everyone I was a manipulative, nasty, little liar. It was her way to keep other adults for discovering the truth: she was abusing my brother, sister, and I. The Doc prescribed a high dose of antidepressant which made me feel drugged, light headed, foggy, and sick. After several weeks I refused to take the antidepressants because I felt so ill. The next thing I remember was my mother screaming at me in front of the therapist as I stared blankly at the pattern on the chair across the room; red and gold leaves. I was so accustomed to being screamed at by my mother that I would just space out. I don’t recall what she screamed about that day. I do, however, recall looking up at the therapist and knowing he realized what was really happening at home. My mother canceled all future therapy appointments.

I desperately want L. to know that we care for him and are here for him no matter what sort of anxiety he’s going through. I want someone to believe him. Someone with experience that can give him advice on how to calm his unrelenting thoughts. We want him to do well in school he is too young to fall so far behind. Like all parents, I hope therapy is the right choice for L.  It was a very long time before I was willing to find the right therapist for myself because I first met so many of the wrong therapists.

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