Super Secret Ninja Wedding Plans

The blue lace dress has been ordered. I know, I know. Everyone liked the white lace dress better but it’s sold out.  Jonathan and I decided blue was completely acceptable for a bride to wear to her second wedding.

Also, in “real” (non-wedding) life, I never wear white. My clothes tend to be black with occasional blue, grey, purple, and green. Wearing any light or pastel color causes my friends to immediately raise and eyebrow and ask if something’s wrong. Since I have massive hooters, I ordered a size larger due to bust measurement. This means I need to either alter the dress myself or have the dress altered for it to fit properly. I’ll see if this is something I can do myself once the dress arrives. I’m not sure how the lace attaches to the dress from the photo.  And, yes, there is a backup plan if the blue dress is a disaster.

I’m sure everyone says this, but I’m in awe of how fast the wedding date is approaching. Just under 1 month and Jonathan and I will be married. Wow…

So far, I’ve kept the courthouse elopement plans secret from everyone but a few close friends and a couple members of Jonathan’s family. If I “go public” by posting on Facebook my family will discover my plans and attempt to start a huge fight. I wouldn’t put it past certain family members to show up at the courthouse and make asses of themselves.  This is especially true of my mother. She’s the type of person to tell the courts that I’m still married to my ex Adam *just* because I didn’t include her in the plans.

The secrecy is exciting. Knowing something big is going to happen and getting to announce it to everyone with a huge “Surprise!”.  On the other hand, I wish my family were the type of people who behaved like…well…family. Sometimes I feel pangs of guilt for keeping the secret, but I know those pangs are based on how I wish we got along rather than how we actually get along. These are the people who screamed at me, hit me, had me arrested for lies as a teenager, and left me homeless at 17. These are the people who don’t include me in their life plans but expect to be included in mine. The reality is the family I wish I had and the family I actually have don’t have much in common.

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