Rubber Bands, the Dress, and a 3hr nap

Today, I’m breathing much better. I can walk around without feeling winded and elephants-are-sitting-on-my-chest feeling has been reduced to a rubber-bands-are-wrapped-around-my-lungs feeling. Of course, this improvement came at the price of an antihistamine induced, 3hr nap. I may not be productive but at least I’m not miserable.

The wedding dress arrived today. I haven’t tried it on yet seeing as I was too busy napping to do so, but it will be tried on tomorrow morning. The boys tried on their suits today too. L’s fit well, but O’s is going to require alterations. Jonathan’s suit requires alterations. My dress will likely require alterations…I guess I’ll have a sewing day in the near future.

Yawn! Off to bed…again. I’ll write something interesting/something that doesn’t involve being constantly sick sometime in the near future. Really, I will.

5 thoughts on “Rubber Bands, the Dress, and a 3hr nap

  1. Glad you feel better, but sorry about the fatigue.

    I am sure you will find a way to do the alterations and they will look nice.

  2. I have given you a Liebster Award. Honesty and vulnerability interest me immensely in this online world. Thank you for providing that when describing your every day happenings.

    I used to work for a Rheumatologist. I know a bit about autoimmune disorders. Many people don’t recognize them and know much about them, but I have witnessed pain at the core of a person without very many answers to comfort them.

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