Jonathan’s Ring and the Wedding Dress

Here is Jonathan’s wedding ring. Yes, it’s inexpensive. Jonathan is a carpenter and destroys jewelry. Instead of getting a tungsten carbide or titanium ring which could cause him to have a finger amputated if his hand is injured, I went with safer stainless steel.

Here is my wedding dress. It’s blue lace and perfect for a courthouse wedding. Did I mention I never wear light colors? No? Well, I never wear pastels or white in “real” life. It’s just not my thing. My favorite color is black followed by dark blue and/or purple.

I need to decide if I have time to make fancy hair accessories. I need to get shoes for Luke and Oliver….I need to alter Jonathan’s and Oliver’s suits. I need to determine how to make a wedding appointment at the courthouse (because they can’t just put than info on their website or answer my question via phone – that would be too simple!). So, yeah, still plenty to do.

2 thoughts on “Jonathan’s Ring and the Wedding Dress

  1. During my blue collar days, I endured my ring finger a few times. Your idea of a ring makes sense.

    I like you dress. I am sure you will handle all the details fine.

    1. Since I’m are he will need replacement rings given his profession, I figured a less expensive ring was the most logical option. That and stainless steel can be cut off an injured finger. A wedding ring is not worth losing a finger. I’m glad you don’t think I’m a cheap skate! Haha.

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