The Seemingly Imaginary Stench

Over the weekend, I invited numerous people over to sniff test my house and basement. Surely someone must be able to smell the horrible stench that three realtors have supposedly complained about. I say “supposedly” because the realtor has yet to name the people who have complained about the stench. Are there real complaints???

Anyway, none of the 5 people who sniffed my house had any unpleasant feedback in spite of being encouraged to give negative feedback. 2 of the people own pets and 3 do not own pets. One person said my house smelt faintly floral. Another said the house smelt like cleaning spray. Everyone else said my house smelt “fine” or “like nothing at all”.  So, the mystery stench can only be smelled by 3 nameless individuals at unknown points it time, it seems.

If none of the house sniffers can smell the mystery stench, how can I possibly know the problem is resolved?  Does the stench exist at all? What an annoying problem to have.

Stench or no stench, I spent the weekend packing my things and using products to give my house a light citrus scent. Maybe that will eclipse the seemly imaginary stench? Who knows…

I do know that after three days of non-stop hard physical labor, every joint in my body is screaming from the pain. I’ve had to take every medication available to me just to be able to function: ultram, savella, orphedrine, lortab… While I do hate popping pills, I’m thankful that pain management medication exists. Otherwise, I would have had to spend the past two days in bed recovering from Friday.