The Imaginary Imaginary Stench

After explaining to the realtor a 4th time my issue isn’t a case of hurt feelings but that no one can smell the stench or see the clutter supposedly reported by “3 other realtors”, the realtor came over.

She couldn’t see the clutter. She couldn’t smell any smells. She showed the house to a client as well and the client reported my house to be clean and smell pleasant.

There is no stench. No one has been able to smell anything. I’m guessing another realtor who dislikes cats was greeted by the friendly cat and imagined a cat related “stench”.  One realtor. Not three realtors.

Let’s hope the people who looked at my house tonight put in an offer so I can be over and done with these shenanigans. (And done with the realtor’s condescending, chauvinist, “ask Jonathan” attitude.)