Parenting Fail: The Condom Incident

Luke (11) is going on an overnight field trip, so I loaned him a travel bag. Jonathan only has a small avocado colored suit case from the ’70s and I thought other kids might tease Luke for traveling with his father’s vintage relic.

I last used the travel bag when I spent the night at Jonathan’s after we first started dating. Since my prescription for birth control pills wasn’t filled on time due to pharmacy error, I missed several pills. I tossed a couple precautionary condoms in the overnight bag and headed to Jonathan’s for the night.

The condoms remained in said bag until Luke discovered them this evening. Whoops. I even turned the bag upside down and shook it before I gave it to Jonathan to bring to Luke.

Jonathan had a miserable day today so he was already in a rotten mood. Luke’s condom discovery only added to Jonathan’s bad mood.

Epic. Parenting. Fail.