Lung Issues or Heart Issues; That is the Question

Well, the asthma symptoms are back. Is this even asthma? I’ve had asthma for years, but never so stubborn and never without a hacking cough when it’s gone on for so long.

I am really tired of doctors. I’m especially tired that my supervisor puts a note in my employee file every time I go to the doctor even when I obtain a doctor’s note. There’s no law that says my supervisor┬ácannot count my doctors visits. ┬áThere is no law that prevents him from incorrectly “theorizing” my autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, and asthma are excuses to leave work. You know, because leaving work to sit in a doctors office for hours on end is SUCH fun. <eye roll>

At this point, I’m either having asthma problems or heart problems and I have neither the time nor extra cash to clarify the issue. I’ll up my Zyrtec and take an extra dose of Dulera. It my breathing doesn’t show consistent improvement, I’ll bite the proverbial bullet and see my doctor(s).

Now if only I could find a friend with a blood pressure cuff…