…And Then My Eye Swelled Shut

Good thing I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, right? Yeah… I woke up with one eye swollen almost completely shut. Swelling around the eyes is nothing new, but usually the swelling is not severe enough to close my eye.

Cold water. Allergy eye drops. Covering my face in Preparation H. Applying ice packs…

After all this I was able to open my eye and my improvised treatment reduced the swelling by 50%, but I still had to work through an entire day with a visibly swollen face. I tried to wear my hair over the eye as much as possible hoping my coworkers would think I was trying a new hairstyle rather than suffering from another ridiculous allergic reaction.

Geeze allergies are so stupid…

At least the cardiac symptoms stopped since I stopped taking Savella. I looked up unusual side effects of Savella because it was the most recent medication I started and I’ve never had high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, hot flashes, menopausal symptoms, and difficulty breathing without the mucus typically associated with asthma prior to taking Savella.  Either the cardiac symptoms have coincidentally stopped, or stopping Savella has stopped my cardiac symptoms.



2 thoughts on “…And Then My Eye Swelled Shut

  1. Wow, do you have your medical challenges and you just keep fighting it instead of giving up.

    1. I don’t know any other way to go about things, really. I need to work so I can pay my bills and sometimes that means showing up with an annoyingly puffy face.

      Also, taking myself off poisonous meds doesn’t hurt. 😉 It pays to stay informed about treatments, interactions, and side effects.

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