A somewhat normal life…

Visited the doctor…

New meds! Stopped taking Savella because I’m allergic. Stopping Savella stopped the cardiac symptoms. The remaining symptoms are caused by asthma and seasonal allergies. No major lung or heart problems. New eye drops, antihistamines, and nasal spray. Hopefully all of this keeps my face from swelling up like a balloon again. I haven’t had to wakeup and apply ice packs to my face for the past 5 days. Before the new meds, my face swelled up every morning for weeks and I had to wakeup early to apply ice packs so I wouldn’t look deformed at work.

As grateful as I am for modern medicine, I’m annoyed I have to take so much of it just to live a somewhat normal life. Be grateful for the health you have.

One thought on “A somewhat normal life…

  1. I take 6 prescription drugs a day. I know what you are saying. Glad you are doing better.

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