Hive Free, Green Tea, and a Missing Diamond

<In the voice of Dr Farnsworth from Futurama> Good news everyone!

I’ve been hive-free for a couple days! Since antihistamines make me horribly drowsy on top of my existing autoimmune fatigue, I researched natural antihistamines. Green tea is a mild antihistamine. Local honey can help build a tolerance to area pollens. So, I’ve been drinking a large bottle of freshly brewed green tea with honey in the morning. I was extremely skeptical, but the hives and itching have decreased to a tolerable level. I can sleep through the night without itchy skin waking me up. I can sit through a day at work without squirming in my seat all day too. Surprisingly awesome.

There are huge expanses of things I could write about other than allergies. It’s nice to focus on things other than allergies.

The main diamond fell out of my engagement ring while I was rinsing out a cooler. I didn’t bump my hand. I didn’t get the ring stuck on anything. The diamond just fell out. While I was searching for the diamond in the grass, I snapped at Oliver. Luke asked me what I was doing and I explained I was looking for the diamond that fell out of my ring and less than a minute later the same voice asked what I was doing again.  I thought Luke was not listening – sometimes Luke just doesn’t listen – but it was actually Oliver asking a brand new question.

Jonathan snapped at me for snapping at Oliver because I thought Oliver was Luke. Jonathan actually spent the entire day snapping at me, but insisting he wasn’t mad. According to Jonathan, his anger was all in my head. <eye roll>

Once we made it the river to go tubing with a bunch of my friends, Jonathan accused my friends of ditching me. Then he accused me of failing to stand up for myself. In actuality, my friends didn’t realize that Luke was having second thoughts about tubing down the river so he’d gotten out of line. I had to go back to persuade Luke that tubing was safe. My friends just didn’t realize I wasn’t behind them. Their behavior certainly wasn’t malicious. In fact, my friends brought s’mores, crackers, cookies, and lemonade for Luke and Oliver. They had just assumed Luke would be more adventurous than he was prepared to be.

After spending the entire day listening to Jonathan insist that his grumpy mood was all in my head, I’m glad to have my own space today. I contacted the vendor who we bought the engagement ring from and they’re looking into a one time replacement even though the stone is lost for good.

3 thoughts on “Hive Free, Green Tea, and a Missing Diamond

  1. I am sure sorry about you losing the diamond.

    Those kind of disputes drive me crazy. I am sorry you had to face that confusion.

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