I’ve Been Very Sick

I’ve been very sick. First, there was the ear infection. I didn’t go to the doctor because I was on call at work. Work frowns upon my semi-frequent doctor’s visits. The ear infection became a sinus infection which spread to my lungs and became a bronchial infection.

Prednisone. Clarithromycin. GuaifenesinDextromethorphan. Albuterol. Atrovent. Probiotics to counteract the stomach churning side effects of Clarithromycin.

I’ve been very very sick.

I called into work Monday and Tuesday. On Monday afternoon, there was a cancelation at the doctors office. So, I called into work with a doctor’s excuse. That should be acceptable, right? Calling in to work with an O2 Sat of 89, walking the narrow ledge of hypoxemia – when internal organ damage begins – with a doctors excuse after being injected with steroids and given powerful antibiotics.

I hope I don’t lose my job over this. I put in a contract on a house 2 days ago.

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