Dragon Flies and the Moron Fight

Other than my arthritic fall, the hike was awesome.  It’s true. I do things other than complain about arthritis and my nutty family.

There’s a pond in the park were we hiked and Jonathan pointed out every butterfly and dragon fly he saw because he knows I like to photograph them.  I didn’t bring much equipment since I was only planning to snap some photos of the boys and didn’t want to lug a heavy zoom lens around the park. However, I made the best of it and photographed the light blue with black striped wing and iridescent blue-green dragon flies. I posted the iridescent blue-green dragonfly yesterday.

dragon fly 2
dragon fly 2


After the hike, I watched Oliver and Luke swing for a while. The whole time they were shouting “Watch this!” and “Look at me!”. Such happy summer children. Earlier that day they were fighting over pancake syrup and calling one another morons. I turned off the TV and made them sit in separate rooms for 15min or until they could speak to one another with kindness. It was hard not to laugh because they were calling each other morons over a bottle of pancake syrup which is hilarious if you think about it. Pancake syrup morons…

Oliver and Luke
Oliver and Luke

One thought on “Dragon Flies and the Moron Fight

  1. My mother washed my mouth out with soap when I did not talk nice. lol

    Aren’t kids fun to raise? lol

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