Pond Worms and Snapping Turtles



The plant-like things barely touching the surface of the water in the center of the photo are worms. I don’t know what type of worm, but when Jonathan used a stick to splash the water, all the worms ducked back under the mud. A few seconds later they re-emerged to sun themselves. Weird little creatures.

Today Jonathan sent me a photo of a baby alligator snapping turtle he found in his yard. As a child I watched an adult snapping turtle bite off the finger of a drunk man once. From that moment on, I’ve kept my distance from snapping turtles. Jonathan, however, kept a baby snapping turtle to adulthood when he was a child. He released the adult on his property, which isn’t the natural habitat for these types of turtles, and ever since he’s seen baby alligator snapping turtles turn up every few years. Jonathan suspects the babies are returning instinctually to where he set the older turtle free. Maybe they are…

Jonathan always has the best animal stories.  That’s one of the reasons I agreed to be his girlfriend in 6th grade. He was always telling me stories about beagles and giant chows and hamsters…He’s still that kid who picks up all the animals on his property and tells me stories.

2 thoughts on “Pond Worms and Snapping Turtles

  1. I envy people like Jonathan. The love life and nature and share it in such a delightful way. The are the fun people to be around in life.

    I am not sure I would want a snapping turtle or alligator to remember where I lived when I was a child and they were young. lol .

    1. There’s a way you can pick up an alligator snapping turtle so it can’t bite you. I’ve always been to worried to try. The babies, however, don’t typically bite so they’re fairly safe to pick up.

      Jonathan thinks the returning turtles are the best thing since sliced bread.

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