The Lucky House

About 2 years ago, my area was hit by a huge storm. The worst storm to occur during my lifetime.

Tree limbs ripped the electrical hookup off the side of an apartment building.
Tree limbs ripped the electrical hookup off the side of an apartment building.

The storm struck at night a few months before Jonathan and I started dating. He and I were IMing when my power suddenly flickered. The power rarely goes out at my house so, I walked out on the porch, assuming it was a thunderstorm, but was greeted by gusts of wind upwards of 70mph ripping clusters of leaves ripped from the trees in the front yard. I gathered all the pets and myself in the basement and called Jonathan to ask if there was a tornado warning. There wasn’t. There was no warning at all.

Jonathan began to panic because his children were at his ex’s house. I told him to stay inside and call her. He wanted to drive nearly an hour to pick them up and storms hit the area Jonathan lives in about 30min after they hit the city. His ex was outside with the children watching as the winds hurled huge branches through the air. Jonathan told his ex to get in the basement with her children and she did just in time.

He called back and we talked on the phone as the trees behind my house were torn limb from limb. Ominous creaks, groans, and snapping sounds filled the air along with the freight train wind sound of a tornado.. I mentioned nothing of this to Jonathan as I imagined the house being ripped apart by the wind. He was still panicking about his children. I talked to him until the storm hit at his house. I talked him through the panic and out of driving down wooded country roads in the middle of the storm. I was certain trees would be blown into the road.

The following day, Jonathan had to cut limbs out of his driveway just to move his truck. I was on call for work and while I was lucky enough to have power unlike most of the city, but I didn’t have internet access so I camped out at work after staying awake for 48hrs straight helping critical facilities without power or internet access.

That’s one thing I’ll miss about my house – it always weathered storms well. I always had electricity when most of the city was without. I always had water even when the lines broke elsewhere. My house was always lucky. I hope my next house might be the same but since I’m moving out to the woods, I better buy a generator just in case.

Although the tree limb had been cleared, the damage was already done.
Although the tree limb had been cleared, the damage was already done.

3 thoughts on “The Lucky House

  1. One day move!!!! We moved 20 times in 40 years. I am with you on re-modeling. It can wait!! Good luck.

    1. I’ve lived in this house for 7yrs. That’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere. There were a few years when I moved multiple times in a year and I think the longer you stay in a place, the more of a pain in the butt moving becomes.

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