The $300 Electric Bill

Since moving in with Jonathan and the kids, we’ve been living on my income alone. Jonathan took two weeks off to work on the house then, when it was time for him to go back to work, his jobs have been riddled with scheduling problems. (For the uninitiated, Jonathan is a carpenter) ┬áLiving on my income alone has gone fairly well, at least until this week. This week I was slapped with a $300 electric bill from the old house. Apparently the electric company’s “budget plan” severely underestimated the amount I would owe monthly.

For groceries, I spend $5 per person per day which is a little less than $150 a week. The $300 electric bill is 2 weeks of groceries. Frustrating.

Since Jonathan worked a few days this week, he gave me most of his paycheck which should make up most of the difference and buy groceries for the the next 2 weeks. The money Jonathan gave me was supposed to pay for several other bills so I’ve got to come up with that money later this month.

Yesterday I purchased a new back pack for Oliver, new lunch boxes, new lunch containers, and new water bottles for both kids. Oliver’s friend broke the zipper out of his otherwise excellent condition back pack. Unfortunately, the zipper was too broken to sew back in place. Oliver’s friend is persona non grata in this house at the moment. Luke and Oliver have also had trouble packing lunches in their small, elementary school size, lunch boxes so they really needed something bigger. This purchase added up to nearly $100 which puts me even further in the hole for this month. Sigh…

I’m the only person in the house who knows we’re short of cash this month. Jonathan, Luke, and Oliver have struggled through poverty for their entire lives and I don’t want an ill timed electric bill to bring back their worries. This is on my shoulders and my shoulders alone.

(To explain: Jonathan and I both went through divorces where our respective spouses stole thousands from us. We agreed not to share a checking account when we got married. We have no knowledge of the other’s bank account and Jonathan gives me money when he works to pay for things like bills and groceries because his income is so unpredictable.)