Jonathan yelled at my dog

The Daily Headache

At work today. I wish this wasn’t the case because I’m terribly busy with painfully boring work. A few offices away one of my middle aged coworkers is talking on the phone loudly to a client who “doesn’t care about infrastructure”. So very loudly. Perhaps it’s only loud because I have a headache. The kind of headache which starts at your eyes and wraps around your head. Is it the too bright fluorescent lights? I don’t know why I keep getting headaches while I work. I’ve tried to adjust my desk, the monitor, the lights, drinking water, changing my diet… Every day I still get a headache even if it’s just minor.

Jonathan Yelled at My Dog

This morning Jonathan yelled at the dog. He didn’t just grumble at the dog, but screamed loudly with curse words. I thought the dog was about to pee in the floor because she a was cowering and shaking so I put the dog in the bathroom with me. Jonathan is a raging asshole in the mornings. He typically doesn’t shout at me, but he does shout at the kids. I suppose he’s kinder to me because I’ll tell him to shut up when he’s acting like an ass for no reason.

I don’t know if I should move my makeup station to the upstairs bedroom to escape his morning bullshit (and take the dog upstairs with me of course), or if I should leave my makeup station in the downstairs bedroom and tell him to get over it. If I leave my makeup area in the bathroom beside out bedroom, he will continue to gripe about me occupying the bathroom and continue yelling at my dog.

For the record, he could use the upstairs bathroom in the morning, but he doesn’t like want to walk upstairs to do so. I keep my makeup and supplies in the bathroom beside out bedroom to discourage the kids form using my things. They are fascinated by things like my face lotion, shampoo, and hairbrush. Luke especially likes to watch me put on makeup and enjoys asking about the various products I use. Luke’s bio-mom would always shout at him for asking questions while she got ready in the morning. Point being, although they’re boys, they’re curious about my things and likely to go though them if left in the upstairs bath.

Why are such basic elements of human interaction and morning routine so annoyingly complex?

5 thoughts on “Jonathan yelled at my dog

  1. One thing that I am dealing with and my daughter is noticing on our vacation, is my wife seems angry most of the time and everything seems to set her off. It is getting old and frusrating.

    1. Please excuse me if this sounds ageist because it’s not meant to be, but could your wife be experiencing some mental changes? When my grandfather began developing Parkinson’s, but before he was officially diagnosed, he became uncommonly angry all the time. A close friend of mine had a father who suffered from Huntington’s and before he was officially diagnosed, he also became irrationally angry for seemingly no reason.

  2. I don’t know who Jonathan is but people who scream at dogs tend to come with LARGE red-flag warnings to me. In addition to people who yell at children . . . I’d run. With the dog and the kids.

    1. He hells at the dog in the morning because the dog tries to trip him (with love, but still). He doesn’t yell at me. Also, the kids are his, not mine.

      I get what you mean about the red-flag, but in the case, I’m not sure yelling at the dog in the morning is a red-flag. I’ve known Jonathan for 21yrs.

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