The Great Pharmacy F*ck-Up of 2014

Today, 3 weeks after my initial attempt to refill my pain meds, the pharmacy finally sent my pain meds. Since tramadol changed drug classes, the pharmacy decided to delete my prescription instead of calling in a refill. They also failed to inform me that they chose to delete my prescription in spite of numerous online refill request attempts, phone calls, voice mails, and hours spent on hold waiting for SOMEONE to answer the damn phone.

When I finally spoke with someone, she treated me like a drug addict. “Are you SURE you need a refill of this medication? You know you can become dependent on this medication, right? Is there a REASON your prescription has been deleted?”  Yeah, because my doc is going to write me a script for something I’m addicted to…<eye roll>

As a result of the pharmacy’s BS, I ran out of tramadol and had to ween myself off the medication last minute. I spent the weekend lying in bed suffering from severe, debilitating, pain among other withdrawal symptoms.

How is this acceptable? Why don’t I use another pharmacy?

#1 I’m an employee of the same company that owns the pharmacy. I cannot complain to management about the service of the pharmacy without retribution. I have tried to bring up the issues with the pharmacy with management twice and have been told to keep my mouth shut because the pharmacy staff are technically my coworkers. Any further complaints and I will be investigated.

#2 The insurance plan offered by my employer mandates that I use the company’s pharmacy. If I use another pharmacy, my medications will not be covered by insurance.

Now that the worst of the withdrawal symptoms are over, of course they send me the medication they should have sent me all along. It’s safe to say the past few weeks have not been very good at all.

2 thoughts on “The Great Pharmacy F*ck-Up of 2014

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I know what it’s like to have to go without pain meds and how excruciating it can be just laying in bed awake all night. No one understands until it actually happens to them.

  2. This is as ridiculous as it gets. I had the same problem as I had to accept the health insurance plan my company offered and the parent company was a health insuarnce company!! However, they were good and I was able to take it with me when I retired, but had to switch to Medicare with mine being a backup—but they pay virtually nothing now, but they were good.

    You really got treated badly and in so much pain. It is almost criminal.

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