The Seizure Man

Pharmacy Update

After nearly 3 weeks, the pharmacy finally gave me the pain meds. I wish I could change pharmacies but my insurance mandates I use the company’s pharmacy and it’s a travesty.


The Seizure Man

Yesterday on the drive home from work there was a man having a seizure in the middle of the road. He rear-ended the car in front of him, hit his head, and stopped breathing. Two men got him out of the car and gave him mouth to mouth. I flagged down the ambulance because it couldn’t find with all the traffic clogging the intersection.

The man having the seizure began to become coherent but he was terribly confused. He didn’t know his own name. He kept trying to get up and run into traffic. The one of the men who stopped and I held the seizure man down in the road in the pouring rain for his own safety. I had his legs. The other man had his hands. It took every ounce of my strength to keep hold of the man’s legs. He was strong and kept trying to kick me off with all his might. Two EMTs showed up and helped restrain the man’s arms but the seizure man was struggling so violently that the EMTs had to call for backup. Soon 3 firefighters arrived to help strap the man to a board. It took 2 EMTs, 3 firefighters, 1 other man, and myself to restrain the seizure man and strap him to the board.

I had been kneeling on the asphalt so long that my left knee was painfully frozen in space. As one of the EMTs walked past, I said, “I have RA. Can you please help me stand up?” He offered me his arm. I stood up and gathered the seizure man’s things. Glasses. A shoe he kicked off during his struggle with me. A shirt he had used as a pillow…

The police interviewed asking if I knew the seizure man and when I didn’t, they told me to go. The seizure man pleaded with me as he was loaded into the ambulance, “Please help me! Will you help me? Oh God please help me!” I tried to explain that I was helping him as best I could, but that I couldn’t ride in the ambulance with him. My shoes were filled with rain water and made sloshing noises on the short walk to my car. My hair was drenched. My blazer was soaked. My pants were covered in gritty road water.

When I was helping restrain the seizure man yesterday, I knew I would suffer today. I knew that kneeling on the asphalt in the rain to restrain he man would cause my left foot to swell like a marshmallow, my left knee to swell like a big purple grape fruit, and that my hands and shoulders would burn with pain today. I just decided all my pain was worth it if I could keep the seizure man from running into the road and getting hit by a car or suffering a more serious injury.

Looks like I’ll spend my evenings bed ridden for the next few days.


4 thoughts on “The Seizure Man

  1. I was in awe of you reading this. What you did was heroic and brave!! I am sure the God of all mercy was using you to help that man. I sure hope one day you find relief and/or healing for your tough illness.

    1. I’m tough. I’m in pain a lot of the time and have accepted that I’ll experience pain as part of RA. I didn’t stop to think what I did was brave. I just stopped and thought how I could help.

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