The “Too Stupid” Blues

Luke (12) has driven me a bit crazy this weekend. Every other statement is how he can’t do XYZ thing because he’s stupid. Nothing I say to refute his stupidity sinks in. He’s too stupid for a computer, too stupid to play with any of his toys, too stupid to help me cook, too stupid to take out the trash, too stupid to feed the dogs, too stupid to get ready to go to the store… The “too stupid” has become EXTREMELY aggravating. It’s simultaneously a complaint to be whined about AND an excuse to get out of doing anything Luke should be doing.

I’ve tried all manner of things to get him to stop constantly declaring his stupidity but nothing seems to work.

What would you do???

3 thoughts on “The “Too Stupid” Blues

  1. I am not sure how to handle it. Is it from depression or does he struggle in school? I think both can be handled by helping him find something that he is really good at and enjoys doing.

  2. I am just get a feeling that this is just a way to get out of work. Does he actually do the work and compalins this way or is he not doing the work and this is his reason?

    I am sorry you have to go through this

  3. I would just say, “you are not too stupid, now go and do it or you can not have xyz later”. If he is getting the attention he wants by saying this, he will continue to do it. Also explain to him I’d he says it with everything he is to do, you won’t know when he truly needs help.

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